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X is for Xavier a book of Animal Alphabet Riddles for children 2 to 5 years old.

The book costs 99 cents.

Xavier will lead you through the Land of Imag-in-a-ree. There you will meet animals big and small and discover their names and sounds all while learning the alphabet. Custom music orchestration for each animal.

There will be hidden surprises along the way!
Riddles and Rhymes.

Read with an adult or by child alone!

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animal SOUNDS
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HIDDEN surprises
read alone or with parent

X is for Xavier is a sweet little old fashion book that will teach and delight!  Filled with
riddles and rhymes,  music and animal sounds, hidden treasures and alphabets and fun for Mom and child!

A guaranteed favorite for the very young child and up to kindergarten age!
Play alone or with parent or other children.

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